Lego Star Wars Razor Crest Time-lapse build

A few years ago I posted a time-lapse build of the Lego Millennium Falcon. This is my most recent undertaking. This build wasn’t as long as the previous – clocking in at about 4-5 hours compared to the Millennium Falcon’s 8 hours. Keep in mind that I’m also a slow builder, as I like to study these models as I put them together. I assume that the shorter build time is a result of the Razor Crest’s symmetry, rather than a result of having fewer pieces.

Why do I build Lego at my age? Lego is the only ‘toy’ that I continue to ‘play’ with. Building models is a long-time interest, and I highly recommend it (and other handy crafts) because it’s very meditative. The builds themselves are also fascinating. In my opinion, Lego models can teach you a lot about engineering and design. In my teaching, I’ve used Lego to illustrate problem solving and creativity. Each time I build a model, I learn something new about creating robust structures and working within limitations.

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