Given my family and work obligations, I’m not always able to respond to correspondence. I do check my email regularly, but I’m a big believer in Cal Newport’s theory of deep work. I limit the time I spend on email, so you might not hear back from me right away.

Below are some ways you can get in contact with me.

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General contact info

Personal email: contact [at] erikchristiansen [dot] net

University contact information

My university email address and office phone number are public. You can find this information on my faculty profile page

Interesting links

Friends, colleagues, and readers have been kind enough to send me interesting links over the years – mostly articles related to my professional or personal interests. I appreciate these tips!

Please send them to interesting [at] erikchristiansen [dot] net, and include some personal/contact info (eg. name and website) so I can credit you.

(This page is based on Cal Newport’s contact page)