Given the demands of my job and family obligations, I’m not always able to respond to correspondence immediately. That being said, I will do my best to get to your email when I can – especially if your request pertains to one of the following categories.

Requests for documents or presentation files

I archive most of my presentations through institutional archives or other locations online. These files are not always made available in an editable format. Luckily, I keep an extensive personal archive. If you’d like an editable version of a document please indicate the file name (and date if possible) in your message.

Potential collaborations or feedback

From time-to-time I will post updates on this website – mostly links to newly published works or recent conference presentations I’ve done. Occasionally I blog about education related topics or my research, but not often. I also post links to my recent Tech Bytes blog posts. I always welcome feedback on, or questions about, any of my work. If you’re a fellow scholar in a related field, or avid blogger of technology, and you’d like to discuss a potential collaboration, you can send a message using the form below.

Interesting links and resources

I’m very fortunate that my friends, colleagues, and followers of my work send me interesting links and resources related to my research, professional practice, or blog. These resources often help spark new ideas and directions and I’m grateful to everyone who takes the time to pass these resources along. If I post what you send me, I’ll be sure to credit you. Please keep these coming!

(The content on this page was inspired by Cal Newport’s website)