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32: A World Without Email EdTech Examined

In this deep dive episode, Kris and Erik discuss Cal Newport's most recent book "A World Without Email." Newport argues that email and messaging apps (asynchronous communication) have led to what he calls "the hyperactive hive mind." Newport explains that email is taking up too much of our time at work and proposes several solutions to make us more efficient.SHOW NOTESKey concepts:*Email is abused and we spend too much time writing emails*We often offload our brains using email. It's easier to ask questions via email than find answers ourselves.*Email, like physical mail and instant messaging, is a form of asynchronous communication. *Our work has become more reactive than proactive. Newport says email and messaging apps have led to the "hyperactive hive mind" approach to work.*Boundaries around email can be implemented on a personal basis (i.e. Deep Work strategies), but real change has to be institutional (processes and expectations).Other books by Cal Newport:*Deep Work*Digital MinimalismTools for collaboration:*Trello*ITP Metrics EDTECH EXAMINED CONTACT:Website: edtechexamined.comEmail: hey@edtechexamined.comTwitter: @EdTechExaminedTEAM INFORMATIONErik Christiansen, Co-Founder & Co-HostWebsite: erikchristiansen.net Twitter: @egchristiansenBlog: tech-bytes.netKris Hans, Co-Founder & Co-HostWebsite: krishans.caTwitter:  @KrisHansMarket Grade: marketgrade.comChristopher Hoang, Audio Producer & Sound EngineerWebsite: chrishoang.ca
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