Hobbies are great. They keep me sane. While I’ve had many hobbies, I’ve listed the ones that seemed to have stuck.

Electric guitar

I’ve been playing since roughly 2005. I’ve taken some lessons, but I’m largely self-taught. Music theory and improvisation are my main interests here – particularly jazz. I primarily play a cream yellow Fender Stratocaster.

Computers and electronics

Tinkering with technology and building things electronic has been my interest since childhood. I highly recommend the Raspberry Pi.

Computer programming

I dabble. I’ve got a solid handle on markup languages, but I’ve slowly shifted my focus to automation (AppleScript and Workflow) and JavaScript.


So much money invested. I’ve been playing since I was very young, and I don’t think I’ll ever be too old for it. My goal these days is to beat more games than I purchase.

Watch collecting

I don’t do luxury wear, but I like nice timepieces. I stay away from vintage watches since the repair costs are astronomical. For me, the history of timekeeping and men’s style is fascinating.


I blog a bit on this website. But the majority of my blogging happens at Tech Bytes – where I talk about mobile computing trends. Please check it out. Articles are often cross-posted to this site and Medium.


My Mom’s a talented artist, so this was encouraged growing up. I like to sketch and paint in watercolor.


All knitting and cat jokes aside… Most librarians (like most people) like to read. I’m mostly a non-fiction (history) kinda guy, but I like science fiction as well.